Psychology Colleges in Bangalore

Last updated on 30-October-2014

Bangalore is a hub for education for students from all over India and many parts of the world as well. Be it any field Bangalore has some of the best colleges and here we are talking about the Psychology Colleges in Bangalore.

There is an increase of demand in this field as day-to-day life is becoming more and more stressful and competitive so now-a-days every school, companies, hospitals etc are hiring a counselor. Psychology is a branch of science that deals with mental processes and behavior.

It is the systematic study of human and animal behavior, mind and thought. The Psychology Colleges in Bangalore provides a range of activities such as the processes of thinking, learning and perceiving, physiology of the nervous system, development of children, social relationships and their effect on personality development, mental disorders, applications of psychology to the study of society, industry, education etc., techniques of experimenting and testing, and statistics.

The Psychology Colleges in Bangalore looks out for people who have genuine interest in people, their behavior and their problems. You would also like to check out some more Colleges in Bangalore on our website.

Here is List of Psychology Colleges in Bangalore


Kuvempu University Distance Education
RDI – UK, Bangalore
Christ College
Bangalore University
St.John Medical College
The Indian Management Academy-Bangalore
Indian Academy School Of Management Studies
CMR Institute Of Management Studies
Padmashree Group Of Institutions
Goutham College
Bangalore Medical College And Research Institute
Acharya & B.M.Reddy College Of Pharmacy
LEarntech World Wide Education Trust
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  1. rahul.k.v says:

    respected sir/madam
    I had done 10+2 now i want to become research scholar in psychology… In 12th i studied science now how can i proceed to reach my destiny… pls suggest not only the advice but also the way means college details as i have no one to guide… If u did i am very much thankfull to you…

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